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View video lessons on mobile devices

View video lessons on mobile devices

by Thomas Pyzdek -
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You can view video lessons on your iPad if you install an app that allows you to view Flash. Here are apps that are known to work with the video lessons in this course (there are many others):

  • Puffin Browser
  • Photon Browser
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Re: View video lessons on mobile devices

by Jason Moore -

For anyone out there experiencing trouble viewing Flash videos due to the latest Android 4.4 (KitKat) update, here is a method that worked on my phone (LG-G2) and should work on any Android 4.4 device.  (Neither Puffin nor Photon browsers worked for me)

I only had success after installing the Dolphin Browser and a modified version of Flash (which accommodates the changes in KitKat).

Youtube video tutorial (provided by

Step-by-step instructions (provided by same):

Having this ability has really helped me fit some extra study time into the day.  Hope it can do the same for you.