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Site maintenance issue resolved

Site maintenance issue resolved

by Thomas Pyzdek -
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For those of  you who experienced difficulties with the site earlier today, here is a note from Moodlerooms. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Tom Pyzdek


Dear Moodlerooms client,

We would like to update you on the status of the Maintenance Pack upgrade. 

  • Status:  processing  has been completed/resolved
  • Reason:  The Moodlerooms Technical Operations team experienced an unanticipated issue with the process that is responsible for kicking off site upgrades.  The issue caused the process to periodically halt, and required a manual restart.  As a result, site upgrades continued beyond the duration of the expected MP1 window for multiple production instances.  Most production sites were upgraded during the expected window, and all sites finished the upgrade process by 7:45 AM local time.  This issue did not impact the Moodle upgrade process itself. Daily database backups were temporarily halted to reduce any additional load on the database server in an effort to speed up the upgrade process.  They will be available at a later time today.
  • Total estimated down time: varied for each affected site

Thank you,
Moodlerooms Support